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Version Beta is the conjugation of some of the nation's greatest technological minds, with an ideal platform for technology enthusiasts to demonstrate their talents and ingenuity. After successfully organizing its first-ever digital variation last year we are back this year, grander than ever, with a diverse array of activities, including the synchronized delivery of workshops, guest lectures by persons of the highest calibre in the sectors of technology and entrepreneurship. Accompanied by a 36 hour long, Central India’s largest ‘Hackathon’ which allows participants to put their intellect to the test, be acknowledged and rewarded, and get new learning experiences. In a stroke, Version Beta is the souls' satisfier of tech aficionados while also fostering the next generation of developers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs.


Blaze-The Fiery Phoenix is, as given by the name, flamed by his will to remain immortal and young forever. He liked everything about youth, and the energy it had held. Unlike the villains who would bewitch the world with beauty, Blaze just wanted immortality to soar high into the sky so that he could have the honour to meet his mentor, The Sun.

But life was never a cakewalk for Blaze. No one was ever good to Blaze as he was the best-looking one among them all and he was the only one who could code. His feathers shone brighter than the light reflecting from oceans in the day. Hence, no one missed a chance to grab some of his feathers and soon enough, Blaze lost them all and became an old bald bird that couldn’t fly. He was devastated and his dream to be young and soar high seemed to have shattered. That’s when his mentor’s words echoed in his mind. “Every problem comes with a breakthrough and the one who fails to find one never gets one”. Blaze started to wail for the Sun to ask him what he could do but received no response.

Our mascot gives out a message that an ending could be a possible beginning of something much more enthralling and to do your best until the very end of everything. Don’t fear a backlash and when faced with one just focus on what you can do.



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Who are we?

ISTE SC MANIT is one of the oldest societies of MANIT. We've been awarded as the best students' chapter in MP - Chhattisgarh region three times in a row. So when it comes to organising technical events, we're always at the top of the food chain.

What's Version Beta Hackathon?

It's Central India's largest students' held Hackathon in which students from all over the country compete against each other for 36 hours non-stop and put their coding skills to test.

Who should participate?

If you are a college student who is interested in solving real-life problems through the virtual world of your laptop screens, you're at the right place. The Hackathon is just for you.

Number of members in a team?

The maximum no. of team members is 4. You can also participate in a team of 3 or 2 members. It's up to you. Choose your crewmates carefully to prevent being ejected.

How to participate?

Visit our website to register for the Hackathon. You'll be provided all the details there.

What is the selection procedure?

Upload your GitHub profiles and CV while registering through Devfolio and you're all done. All the best!

What are we looking for in a team?

You don't need to be a coding genius to participate in the event. The only requirement is your willingness and passion to learn. There is a winner among us and it can be you. So buckle up coz we're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse..

What if I don't know how to code?

Why so serious? Nothing to worry about. We're conducting workshops and seminars to provide you with hands-on experience. Once you attend them, you'll have the required knowledge and skills to participate in the Hackathon.

Cost for participation in Hackathon?

If you don't count the internet cost and the electricity bill for your laptop, then it's zero. NIL. Nothing.

How would I know if I got selected?

We'll mail you and let you know.

Will Hackathon be conducted online?

Corona ain't over yet. So yeah, it'll be online.

What is the goal of the Hackathon?

The main aim of Hackathon is to bring out the coding skills of students to practical use.